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    The first death anniversary of Kornel Morawiecki – the legendary leader of a ‘Fighting Solidarity’

    A year ago, on 30th of September 2019, died Kornel Morawiecki. He was an anti-communist opposition activist and a legendary leader of ‘Fighting Solidarity’. The presidential candidate in 2010 and the Senior Marshal of the Polish Parliament of the Eighth Term. He was also awarded the Order of the White Eagle.

    ‘It has been a year since he walked away to the better, as we believe, the world’ – wrote Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki about his father Kornel Morawiecki on his Facebook on Tuesday. 


    ‘My father taught me the patriotism, especially this one which is built by the hard and tedious work. (…) He deplored the Third Polish Republic has forgotten the idea of Solidarity. But he has been fighting. All the time. Continuously. Every day of this 30 years of free Poland he was fighting for a better, more fair shape of the country’ – wrote Prime Minister about his father. 


    On Wednesday, in respect of the first death anniversary of Kornel Morawiecki, the commemorative plaque in his honour will be revealed in Warsaw. The ceremony will be on midday in the Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners of the Polish People’s Republic. Moreover, there will also be the opening of the multimedia exhibition devoted to Kornel Morawiecki. In the evening, the Holy Mass for his intention will be in the St. Josaphat Church in Warsaw. 


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