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    16 Arrested in Connection with Violent Attacks on Gambling Venues

    Group of 16 men, aged between 17 and 46, associated with the pseudo-football fan community of a Warsaw club, now face a total of 118 charges. The charges include allegations of committing armed robberies on gaming establishments, specifically targeting so-called “slot machines.” The arrests were made by officers from the Capital City Police Department’s Division for Combating Pseudo-Fan Crime.

    The arrests came after a series of violent incidents unfolded in December of last year, involving attacks on gaming venues across Warsaw, Piaseczno, Wólka Kosowska, and Sulejówek. Locations such as Grójecka, Mazowiecka, Czech, Grochowska, Chłopickiego, Kopińska, Bakalarska, Stefan Starzyński, Łodygowa, Sarenki, Pełczyńska, Grzymała, Wolska, and in Piaseczno on Kiliński Street, as well as in Wólka Kosowska on Marii Świątkiewicz and Nadrzeczna Streets, and in Sulejówek on Piłsudski Street, were all affected.

    After receiving numerous reports, the cases were handed over to the police officers specializing in combating pseudo-fan criminal activities. Through meticulous analysis of surveillance footage and other secured materials, the investigators identified individuals linked to the pseudo-fan community of one of Warsaw’s football clubs, potentially connected to the string of attacks.

    The police operation resulted in the apprehension of 16 suspects, whose ages ranged from 17 to 46. According to police findings, the suspects executed their criminal activities in a highly brutal manner. Their modus operandi involved singling out a target venue, with one person posing as a gambler to gain access. Once the door opened, the rest of the group stormed in, terrorizing the staff with dangerous tools such as metal hammers, crowbars, telescopic batons, and even axes. They proceeded to destroy the slot machines and absconded with the stolen money. In several instances, venue employees were brutally assaulted. During one such attack, the perpetrators reportedly seized amounts ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 Polish złoty per person.

    Through ongoing investigations, the police established that the assailants targeted a total of 16 establishments, with one venue falling victim to robbery twice.

    In the Warsaw-Ochota District Prosecutor’s Office, the 16 suspects collectively faced a staggering 118 charges, primarily related to armed robberies. Some of the accused will also be held accountable for drug possession.

    In a recent court ruling, 15 out of the 16 detainees were temporarily remanded in custody for a period of three months. One suspect is placed under police supervision.

    The penalties for the crimes committed, as per the criminal code, range from 3 to 20 years of imprisonment.

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