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    What ‘Happened in the Vatican’? A story about ordinary people in an extraordinary place

    Magdalena Wolińska-Riedi in her book ‘Woman in the Vatican’ took us for a trip to a mysterious world behind the Bronze Gate. As one of a few women living in the Vatican, she has shown surprising facts and curiosities following the Papal States. The book has been reprinted several times. What is more, crowds during meetings with the author indicates that these memories have met a warm reception.

    After a year full of intensive and exhausting, professional work (we could watch her reportages from Italy engulfed by COVID-19 pandemic on the screen) she revisits with her new book. It is said that the writing of another book is much harder. Nobody can guarantee that the way in which the first book was written would bring another success. Honestly, ‘The woman in the Vatican’ sets the requirements very high.


    ‘It happened in the Vatican’ is an interview with ten lay inhabitants of the Apostolic See. This book draws attention so much that we forget about the surrounding world. The characters show that even accidental events can change our lives. But importantly, the hope for the other’s person’s warm dies last. 


    – ‘It is my homage and gratitude to John Paul II, so to say. It is the exploration of something that many people do not know and additionally, it demonstrates the everyday Vatican.’ – says Magdalena Wolińska-Riedi about her new book ‘Happened in the Vatican’.


    It is worth reading this publication in order to meet Luciano, Antonio, Christoph, Demetrio, Giuseppe, Ety, Valentino, Paolo, Massimiliano and Pietro. In its pages, you will find out serious histories of ordinary people who worked in an extraordinary place. In addition, you can read about the lift which carried the most important people for an audience.


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