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    Organizers of the Independence March: In this year we invite all motorized patriots

    This year’s Independence March will be in the form of ‘rally’ through Warsaw’s streets. Every motorized patriot and cyclists can take part in it. We start at 2 PM from Dmowski roundabout. We encourage participants to flag their cars – informed ‘The Independence March’ association.

    ‘The 11th of November is a very special day. We always celebrate this feast reverently in the dignified and patriotic manner. In this year, we thought about the form which would enable everyone to come and celebrate for a long time. We decided on an automotive formula. We are still thinking about the travel route’ – wrote Wojciech Tumanowicz, the vice-president of the Independence March Association on Monday. 


    The Independence March, called by the organizers ‘the rally’, will start on Wednesday, 11th of November at 2 PM from Dmowski roundabout in Warsaw. 


    ‘We are in agreement with all law enforcement and with the police, we are having a meeting today to make the arrangements’ – informed today. 


    The Association will not seek the agreement of Warsaw’s authorities for a ‘rally’. ‘In the legal sense, there is nothing like automotive’s assembly’ – said Robert Bąkiewicz the Chairman of the Independence March Association. 


    The decision about the withdrawal of a traditional march was argued ‘for good of participants and veterans who have been participating in this March since years.


    ‘We invite every Polish patriot to take automotive’s part, in cars, on motorcycles and even on bikes. We encourage everybody to beautifully flag your vehicles to show our colourful and patriotic Poland’ – said Bąkiewicz and added that he hoped that this special form of the March would encourage people, who had never taken part or hesitated to come to Warsaw. 


    Organizers expect the delegation from all over the country, but they are not able to pinpoint the number of vehicles. 


    Mateusz Marzoch, the Chief of March of Independence Guard informed that the guard would secure the assembly. 


    ‘We will secure the travel route and we will guide a column. We will also be present on Warsaw’s streets in the interest of the safety of all participants and to prevent provocation’s attempts or to stop the column. We hope that the assembly will be safe without any unfortunate situations’ – said Marzoch. 


    ‘Each provocation will face the reaction (…). We would not allow anybody to block our assembly if there were so-called women’s strike all over the Warsaw’ – he added.


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