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    Polish artists getting vaccinated before doctors deemed scandalous domestically and abroad

    News from Poland seldom reaches such remote places as Gambia or Nigeria, but this time is different. Polish celebrities who got their Covid vaccinations out of turn are definitely making a splash.
    Students and medical personnel from Warsaw Medical University alerted Polish media and later the world. We spoke to Piotr Nawrot, chairman of the Warsaw Medical University Student Union. He regrets that his school neglected students and young doctors in the vaccination sequence.


    “Even before December 20, we made statements regarding vaccinations. The same declarations were made by hospital staff. So saying that there were no people wanting vaccinations is offensive to us because even during the holidays many people would be happy to show up if called. It’s not about who got those vaccines, our problem is that it was for the privileged few. We do not understand the selection rules. As students, we can’t wait for the results of the investigation. We heard from doctors, e.g. Maja Herman, a psychiatrist, who wrote that the vaccine had been taken from her, figuratively, of course. But nevertheless it was not fair to group zero, to doctors, and to all those who fight for the lives of patients.” commented Piotr Nawrot. 


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