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    Analyzing Political Events in TV Republika: “Piachem w tryby” program

    "Piachem w tryby": to throw a spanner in the works

    “Piachem w tryby,” a new public affairs program on TV Republika broadcast daily at 09:45 p.m., delves into crucial political events from Poland and around the globe. Its title nods to a statement by Donald Tusk from 2009, reflecting a diplomatic reset.

    “With Prime Minister Putin, we’ll make sure no one throws a spanner into the works.”

    Tusk said.

    TV Republika introduced the new public affairs program “Piachem w Tryby” to its schedule. The first edition was broadcast on April 2.

    The latest episode scrutinizes Defense Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz for his readiness backpack, hinting at potential foreknowledge of looming threats. Prime Minister Tusk’s recent outburst in parliament also draws condemnation. Tusk got angry and called others “dunces”.

    To learn more about the political topics discussed in the program, watch the last episode of “Piachem w Tryby” online:

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