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    Campaign #LetsVaccinate. Cezary Pazura's voice ‘played’ in news animations

    In three short animations devoted to safety and reliable sources of information on of the COVID-19 vaccination, you can hear the voice of the actor Cezary Pazura. The animations are already available on the Internet, and in the upcoming days, they will also be aired on the city’s LED screens – said the Government Informative Centre (CIR) on Thursday.

    According to the announcement of the CIR, the animations were prepared as part of the campaign #LetsVaccinate, which is to encourage Poles to vaccinate themselves against Covid-19. 


    In short animations, we can hear the voice of Cezary Pazura, who is the campaign’s ambassador. The animations are a continuation of the spots that have been aired on the radio for several days.


    In one of the animations, we hear the voice of Pazura, who ensures that the vaccines against COVID-19 are safe, have undergone rigorous testing and have been authorised by the European Medicines Agency and the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products. 


    In the next animation, Cezary Pazura gives a proven and reliable source of information on COVID-19 vaccination – stresses CIR. ‘For information on vaccinations against COVID-19, please look for reliable sources. Current news can be found on the website or by calling the helpline at 989’ – we find out from the animation. 


    The CIR stresses that website is primarily a comprehensive and verified database where there is information about the National Vaccination Program, vaccination procedures, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and expert statements. There is also a free, round-the-clock helpline of the National Vaccination Program against COVID-19 available at 989. 


    In the third recording, Cezary Pazura informs that vaccination against COVID-19 reduces the risk of disease. ‘In case of illness, the vaccine provides a milder course and fewer complications,’ we hear in the animation. 


    As announced by CIR, the animations will be available not only on the Internet but also on LED screens in many cities – among others Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź and Cracow. Besides, information materials will be displayed, among others at some petrol stations, in selected shops as well as at railway stations in many places in Poland.


    Moreover, billboards are hanging on the streets of cities all over the country. Action #LetsVaccinate is also present in social media. Polish athletes and medics have joined it.


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