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    The German press took an interest in Albicla's portal. They quote statements by Tomasz Sakiewicz

    The German daily ‘Die Welt’ devoted an extensive article to the Albicla portal today. Despite adding his comments, the German daily also quoted the statement of ‘Gazeta Polska’ Editor-in-chief Tomasz Sakiewicz.

    The Albicla. com portal, where every Internet user who values freedom of speech can create an account, was launched in the second half of January. It’s a discussion forum, devoid of the censorship practised by the world’s social media giants. The guiding maxim is: ‘ABC – A Better Choice’.


    ‘Albicla is meant to be an alternative to sites that practice freedom of speech only in theory. Blocking President Donald Trump and other people with conservative views in the largest media will soon lead to a situation where just a group of people will have a monopoly on providing information and creating reality online,’ notes Ryszard Kapuściński, president of ‘Gazeta Polska’ clubs. 


    A German newspaper devoted an extensive article to the subject. ‘The Polish platform Albicla is supposed to be a counterbalance to social media, which allegedly restricts freedom of speech, but in reality, it is a tool of the government,’ the German ‘Die Welt’ wrote, adding its comment.


    The authors of the article, Wojciech Kość and Carolina Druete, state that Albilcla was founded by ‘a Polish journalist close to the government, Tomasz Sakiewicz’. They add that the portal is meant to be a response to the tightening censorship of global social media. 


    ‘DW’ cited in this context a statement by the editor-in-chief of ‘GP’ and ‘GPC’. 


    ‘Albicla is a direct response to the growing censorship on the Internet,’ Sakiewicz told the German press. 


    The critical tone of the article was met with widespread discussion by internet users who spoke out in the comments section of the German daily’s website. They drew attention to the hypocrisy of the largest German media, which strongly support the political camp in power in Germany.


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