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    Julia Przyłębska wins the award of the “New State” magazine

    The President of the Constitutional Tribunal, Julia Przyłębska, was honored with the Gregory I the Great Award, granted by the “New State” monthly. This fact was noticed on the official profile of the office on the Albicla website.

    The monthly “Independent Gazeta Polska – New State” has been granting the Gregory I the Great Award. By setting up this award, the editorial board wanted to draw attention to the importance of truth in public life and honor those who defend it in a special way. Hence the idea that its patron would be an outstanding pope, who went down in history, among others as the uncompromising enemy of all manipulation and all lies.

    This year, the award went to Julia Przyłębska – President of the Constitutional Tribunal.

    “With this distinction, we want to appreciate the courage of the President (but also other judges of the Constitutional Tribunal) with which She upholds the legal order of the Republic of Poland. We would like to emphasize the importance of the judgement prohibiting the so-called eugenic abortion. Existing in the Polish law a provision allowing put to death the unborns due to the disease was a reason to be ashamed of,” stressed Katarzyna Gójska, editor-in-chief of “New State”.

    The fact that President Julia Przyłębska was awarded by the “New State” was noticed on the official profile of the Constitutional Tribunal on the Albicla website.



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