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    EU Foreign and Home Affairs Ministers discussed migration

    Enhanced cooperation with third countries as a necessary element to increase the effectiveness of the EU migration policy was the focus of yesterday’s discussion of EU Foreign and Home Affairs Ministers, which was devoted to migration issues. Poland was represented by Deputy Ministers Paweł Jabłoński (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Bartosz Grodecki (the Ministry of the Interior and Administration).

    During the discussion, the participants stressed the need to reinforce actions aimed at preventing the root causes of migration. The ministers stated that the EU development assistance, combined with support from other partners and private investment, should contribute to stimulating economic growth in developing countries. Moreover, it is of key importance to strengthen political stability, improve border protection, and combat criminal groups involved in human trafficking.


    “No one in the EU should forget that migrants travel not only from south to north, but also in other directions. Poland protects one of the EU’s longest external land borders that is under constant migratory pressure from the East. Ensuring security of the EU’s eastern border is one of the priorities of Poland’s security policy within the European community,” noted Deputy Minister Jabłoński.


    Over a million Ukrainian and Belarusian nationals are currently staying in Poland. They decided to leave their countries in search of better and safe living conditions. For refugees who often flee war and violence, Poland is a country where they can find security and shelter.


    The deputy chief of Polish diplomacy also recalled that Poland, in cooperation with its V4 partners, takes actions to limit migration from Libya and Sahel. “We focus on reducing the migratory pressure, including by fighting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that increases the pressure. At the same time, Poland supports the Libyan authorities in increasing the effectiveness of state institutions in border management operations, also by developing their search and rescue capabilities to prevent human trafficking,” stressed Deputy Minister Jabłoński.


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