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    Hallowing the dishes

    On Holy Saturday, in the morning, people go on a mass to the church to hallow świynconka – dishes in a decorated basket, decorated with a white napkin, boxwood and/or ribbons.

    In the świynconka (small wicker basket) should be egg in the form of easter egg (symbol of new life), lamb from butter (a sign of the Risen Christ), bread (symbol of abundance), pound cake (a sign of perfection), salt (symbolizes purification and protection from diseases and unclean forces), horseradish (to provide strength and solidity), sausage or wędzonka (smoked sausage) (symbolizes abundance). 


    This year’s Holy Saturday will be different from what Poles know. Exactly like a year ago, due to a pandemic, there will be no hallowing of dishes in churches. 


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