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    Polish losses during World War II amount to a trillion zlotys! Sellin: The topic is important

    – We already know that the losses suffered by Poland during World War II amount to one trillion zlotys – said Jarosław Sellin, Deputy Minister of Culture, on Wednesday. According to him, the issue of war reparations is to be taken up in the future and put on the political agenda at the right time.

    Asked in Radio Wrocław about the issue of German reparations after World War II, Sellin stressed that the special parliamentary group that deals with this issue and prepares full documentation on what material losses Poland suffered as a result of the Second World War initiated by the Germans, is already finalising its work.


    “But we already know tentatively that these are amounts reaching a trillion zlotys. We also know that the Germans in different ways settling accounts with the victim countries after the war, paying various types of compensation, Poland received about 1 per cent of the total compensation paid by the Germans,” he said.


    In his opinion, “this is a great historical injustice because Poland was probably the most materially harmed country, in which the war lasted the longest”.


    “So, the topic is relevant, the topic is to be addressed in the future. As Leader of the Law and Justice Party Jarosław Kaczyński said in one of his press interviews: everything in its own time. The political agenda also has its dynamics and you have to know when to put such a topic on the political agenda at the right time” – added the Deputy Minister of Culture.


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