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    She told of her father's death. Zofia Klepacka-Noceti cried on air

    The Polish sailor appeared in the studio of TVP Info, where she talked about her career, as well as her private views and family. The Olympic medalist remembered her dad, who recently passed away.

    Zofia Klepacka was asked how she combines sport with her family duties.  She replied that she was able to do it because of her family, which always came first for her.  She recalled that she had recently lost her dad. 


    “I don’t know if fans know, but he was seriously ill with cancer. He died a month before the Olympics, he didn’t see me again in Tokyo,” she said crying on air.


    The presenters presented flowers to the sportswoman, calling her an Olympic champion.  Although Zofia Klepacka-Noceti is one of the most titled Polish sailors, she did not win gold at the Olympic Games. Klepacka-Noceti is the world champion and IO bronze medallist from London.


     The athlete explained that, contrary to popular opinion in sailing, she could be called that.


    “No matter what medal you have, you are an Olympic champion,” she assessed.


     In Tokyo, Klepacka finished ninth in the RS:X class.


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