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    What to do when there is a different price in the store on the shelf and different at the checkout?

    Unfortunately, this is a common problem. When we shop and one price is displayed on the shelf and another appears on the cash register receipt. The latter is usually higher. What can the customer do then? FilaryBiznesu website got a comment from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, which recently fined a large chain of stores for using such practices.

    “Price is one of the most important criteria consumers use when choosing products. It is unacceptable to mislead consumers as to the correct price of goods,” explained Tomasz Chróstny, the President of UOKiK. 


    “The price displayed on or near the product should be the prevailing price, and if the price at the cash desk turns out to be higher, the consumer has the right to buy the product at the price that is more favorable for him/her, and about irregularities in displaying prices in a shop he/she may inform the Trade Inspection,” emphasizes Agnieszka Orlińska of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. 


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