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    Greek border alert. A possible repeat of the 2015 migrant crisis?

    Greek border guards are on the alert to prevent a repeat of a wave of mass migrant arrivals like in 2015, the Greek government said, referring to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

    All forces on the border are on alert.  We will not allow a repeat of the scenes of 2015,” government spokesman Jannis Ekonomou said. 
    He added that the Greek Foreign Ministry is coordinating efforts to get eight Afghan nationals who worked for Greek forces in Afghanistan out of Afghanistan.  We will not rest until we bring them to our country,” he pointed out. 
     During the 2015 migrant crisis, nearly one million people fleeing war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan arrived on the Greek islands.
     Like other European countries, Greece fears that the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan will trigger a renewed migration crisis.

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