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    Explosion in a Polish shop in central Netherlands

    A Polish shop exploded in Lelystad in central Holland on Sunday night, the daily “De Telegraaf” reported. Fortunately, there are no casualties. The incident occurred around 3.30 AM. Police officers at the scene are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

    Flevoland province police said a bang was heard on Snijdershof Street in Lelystad. Officers are investigating the scene. 

    According to the newspaper, an explosive device was thrown into the supermarket, causing a fire. 
    This is another attack on a Polish store in the Netherlands. They previously occurred in December 2020 and early June this year in Aalsmeer, Heeswijk-Dinther, Beverwijk and Tilburg. 
    Police had set up a special team to investigate whether the attacks were related. Four suspects were arrested in June and are in custody.


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