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    Poland to host world's first zero-emission mine

    We are establishing a special centre which will design the mine in Bytom Odrzański in such a way as to make it the first zero-emission mine project in the world, announced Marcin Chludziński, CEO of KGHM.

    During the Economic Forum in Karpacz, the head of KGHM spoke about the development of two mining projects. The first of these is a mining project in the deposits in Bytom Odrzański in the Lubuskie region, which are “adjacent” to the company’s current operations. Chludziński explained that currently the phase of exploration of the deposit, i.e., its identification, is underway.


    “I would like to accelerate this project as much as possible,” he pointed out.


    “We’re setting up a special centre at the moment to design this mine in such a way that it will be the world’s first, Europe’s first zero-carbon mine project. We will use clean energy there, the machines will be electric, which will make CO2 emissions low or zero; this is the true ecology of copper mining,” said the head of KGHM.


    The company’s strategy also includes a second mining project – mining of fertilisers, specifically potassium salts called polyhalite – in Puck, Pomerania. The head of KGHM has announced that the company is in the final stages of identifying the deposit.


    According to Chludzinski, it is a project that meets with a good market response, as there is a growing demand for ecological fertilizers that do not harm the environment.


    “Polihalite is something that contains calcium, sulphur, magnesium, everything that is needed for plant growth, and on both the European and American markets it is a desirable raw material. Such mining projects exist and are being developed, for example, in the United Kingdom. We are not worried about the market response, we want to get to the construction phase as soon as possible, but the mine construction phase is not a month away. The construction itself is a period of three to five years,” said the head of KGHM.


    On Tuesday, the XXX edition of the Economic Forum began in Karpacz. During the three days of the conference, there will be about 400 discussion panels and presentations, as well as many accompanying events. The debates are attended by politicians, scientists, as well as representatives of the world of science and culture from Europe, Central Asia and the USA.  The motto of this year’s congress is “Europe in search of leadership”. 


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