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    Raytheon wants Polish companies to cooperate in Vistula air defence program

    According to Rayethon second phase of the Vistula program will be delivered with the help of Polish defence industry.

    The Polish industries participation in the Vistula air defence program is to be secured in its second phase, according to an announcement made on Saturday by Wesley Kremer, the head of the armaments part of the Raytheon corporation.


    The programme is currently in the first phase, but Mr Kremer says the Raytheon company doesn’t expect any delays. Half of the program is to be implemented in Poland.


    Earlier this year, as part of the first phase of the Vistula defence program, Poland signed its largest ever arms procurement deal, agreeing to buy Raytheon’s Patriot missile defence system for 4.75 billion dollars.

    The deal also includes 208 PAC-3 system missiles, 16 launchers and 4 radars.


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