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    Folk culture on TVP3 Kraków

    The National Institute of Rural Culture and Heritage invites us to watch a series of eight documentary films under the common title “Folk’s Culture #support” („Kultura na Ludowo #wspieram”). This production aims to present the beautiful, valuable, and often disappearing aspects of the heritage of folk culture and art to a wide audience. The honorary patronage over the project was assumed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Grzegorz Puda.

    The idea for films that talk about the secrets of various fields of folk art and technology is the result of cooperation between the National Institute of Rural Culture and Heritage and Telewizja Polska TVP3 Krakow.

    The presented small documentary forms show the folk art of individual regions of Poland. Their characteristics are presented by ethnographers who know the specificity of a given area, and folk artists present their activities and works, at the same time describing the stories of their passions.

    As part of the series, we have already invited you to Spisz and we have shown creative figures of folk artists from the Podhale region. We still have a visit to Orawa, the Sandomierska Forest, the Lemkos, the Lachy Sądeckie and the Łąckie Highlanders. We will also take you on a journey to Kurpie and Podlasie.

    The entire series will be available on TVP3 Kraków. Premieres of individual episodes will be broadcast on subsequent Wednesdays at 7:20 PM. Re-runs will be available on the same channel on Thursdays at 9:00 AM and Fridays at 8:00 PM.


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