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    Ceneo's Ranking – Poles trusted these companies

    For the 12th time Ceneo. pl has announced the winners of the Trusted Shops Ranking, which enjoys the highest trust of buyers. Customer recommendations helped to select the best fifteen e-shops covered by the Ceneo. pl Trusted Opinions Programme.

    Thanks to millions of completed questionnaires in recent months by Ceneo. pl users within the Trusted Opinions Programme, the most trusted companies in the e-commerce sector have been distinguished and awarded in 15 categories. Ceneo. pl ranking is not only the oldest and the biggest e-shop ranking in Poland but also a reliable program of customer satisfaction and shopping behaviour research.


    “This is also the genesis of this ranking, which we started 12 years ago, to choose the best of the best based on the opinions of the users themselves, the best source. We are very proud of this report because it reflects the real customer perception of the stores, which makes it unique and very reliable,” emphasizes Radek Tyszko, Sales Director at Ceneo. pl.


    On 14th October, during a ceremonial event that was also broadcasted online this year, the winners of 15 categories were announced, selected from among 26 thousand shops registered at Ceneo. pl.


    Additionally, during the broadcast, the best strategies for dialogue with a customer and methods for dealing with negative opinions were discussed by special guests of the event – Monika Czaplicka, creator of the popular fan page “Kryzysy w social media wybuchają w weekendy” (Social media crises erupt during weekends) and Paweł Tkaczyk, author of such books as “Narratologia, Zakamarki marki” (Narratology, Recesses of brand) and “Grywalizacja” (Gamification).


    The winners of this year’s ranking know very well how to proactively respond to negative feedback, how to map possible crises and how to make customers satisfied with online shopping. The statuettes granted by Ceneo. pl, give an additional guarantee that the most reliable companies from the e-commerce branch have been awarded.


    The strength of Ceneo’s ranking is the authentic recommendations of users. “This award shows that it is worth taking care of every detail,” emphasizes Michał Pańko, eCommerce performance & marketing coordinator at Wittchen, the winner in the Fashion & Accessories category.


    Winners of the 12th. Ranking of Trusted Shops Ceneo. pl:


    1. Construction and garden: sklepbaterie. pl,

    2. For the child: krainazabawy. pl,

    3. Home and interior: nakrywamy. pl,

    4. Hobbies and animals: fera. pl,

    5. Culture and entertainment: dvdmax. pl,

    6. Fashion and accessories: wittchen. pl,

    7. Automotive: intercars. pl,

    8. RTV and household appliances: maxelektro. pl,

    9. Lifestyle: n69. pl,

    10. Technology: gsm24. pl,

    11. Beauty and health: manada. pl,

    12. Debuts: armodo. pl,

    13. Buy Now: manada. pl,

    14. Suppliers: InPost,

    15. User’s choice: zooart. com. pl.

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