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    The third day of ESG Congress: the success of green transformation requires the cooperation of all Poles

    Integration of the government, local government, and science in supporting Polish enterprises investing in green technologies is the theme of the third and last day of the ESG Congress – Polish Power of Business. “Energy transformation is a fact, but the coming years will determine whether it will contribute to the promotion of our economy to the first league of global innovation leaders,” representatives of the Polish Development Fund (PFR) and the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) argued during a meeting with the media.

    In this decade, it is estimated that Europe will need an additional investment of €350 billion per year to achieve the planned emission reductions by 2030 in energy systems, and an additional €130 billion to meet other environmental targets.


    A significant part of these projects is planned or implemented in Poland, both due to its demographic and economic potential as well as the still high share of fossil fuels in the national energy mix.


    Organised by the Positive Ideas Foundation and the Clean Air Foundation, the event is a new platform for exchanging thoughts and views on economic development, serving as a common platform for developing a vision of Polish society in a dynamically changing world. The congress is held under the honorary patronage of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.


    “Until now, individual public institutions, such as the PFR or NCBR, have worked separately and their activity has been limited by a specific statutory framework. The climate and energy challenges facing the Polish economy are now prompting us to strengthen cooperation. Without the involvement of all parties – government, local government, and society, Poland will not be able to make the necessary civilization leap,” said PhD Wojciech Kamieniecki.


    The meeting with the media was concluded with the ceremonial signing of an agreement on cooperation for the development of pro-ecological and environmental technologies between the National Centre for Research and Development, Polish Development Fund, and PFR Ventures. The three institutions have declared their intention to build a complementary offer supporting the development of green technologies in Poland, thanks to which their creators will find a partner from the public sector at every stage of development.


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