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    Putin decided to take two Ukrainian regions. World War 3 begins? [VIDEO]

    Saber strike


    The number of US soldiers in Poland is approaching 10 000 with thousands more British and other NATO alliance troops having arrived at NATO’s Eastern Flank to protect it from a possible war between Russia and Ukraine. The joint forces will launch the biannual exercise, Sabre Strike, aimed at testing the ability to move troops quickly from bases in Germany to eastern Poland.


    Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels


    EU foreign ministers met in Brussels, and while Russia’s aggression on Ukraine was high on the agenda, another topic was the tension in Bosnia and finding a way to stop a potential break-up of the country. For the first time, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba joined the meeting.  


    Russian President recognized the independence of two breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine 


    Moscow is considering recognizing the independence of two breakaway republics Doneck and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. Former president Dmytri Medvedev, now deputy chairman of Russia’s security council, told President Vladimir Putin that he believed a majority of Russians would support the two regions’ independence, in which he said around 800,000 Russian citizens live.

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