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    What the Prime Minister will say

    Today Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is to deliver an expose of his government in the Sejm. Afterwards, speeches of individual parliamentary clubs are planned, and in the evening voting on the vote of confidence for the new cabinet of Prime Minister Morawiecki will take place.

    The opposition wants to hear concrete facts about the state of the ministry of finance and the country’s budget, as well as the Prime Minister’s ideas for resolving the most pressing issues, for example the functioning of the healthcare system and the retirement pensions system. In tomorrow’s speech, prime minister Morawiecki is allegedly going to focus on economic matters, namely investments in infrastructure, for example the Central Transport Hub and the new ring roads in most of Poland’s major cities.

    “I remember prime minister Morawiecki’s expose from two years ago, when he first held the office, and I can tell you, that he hasn’t fulfilled any of the promises he made back then. Now, he has extended time to fulfil them and we will see if he addresses them at all or proposes new solutions”- says Jan Grabiec, spokesman for the Civic Platform Party.

     “The opposition made a poor judgement of the promises we made, because not only have we fulfilled them, we’ve done more than we aimed for. We are a reliable government, and it was represented by the unprecedented trust of the voters, who gave us 43% of the votes to the parliament”- says Jan Maria Jackowski, Law and Justice Party Senator.



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