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    Terrorists from Donetsk suspend “mobilization”

    Denis Pushilin, the self-appointed leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, today announced the suspension of the mobilization of men for the local troops. Previously, the terrorists had carried out a kind of roundup for days and forced the inhabitants to fight.

    Pushilin, quoted by Russian media, said the self-proclaimed authorities would now focus more on the civilian component.


    “We have to think about it and prepare ourselves for what will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow,” Pushilin said.


    A week ago, the self-proclaimed authorities of Donetsk and Lugansk announced the so-called general mobilization. Denis Pushilin reported that their forces will achieve the “desired and necessary” victory and will “defence” Donbas. As a result, all men aged 16 and over were forced to enrol in so-called military schools and local units.


    Pushilin also explained that fighting with the Ukrainian army takes place every hundred meters in Donbas. He also quoted the Russian-sponsored narrative that pro-Russian terrorists and soldiers do not fight civilians.


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