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    Putin: Sanctions imposed on Russia are akin to a declaration of war

    – The current government in Kyiv must understand that it is questioning the future of Ukrainian statehood if it continues to act in the same spirit, Vladimir Putin said in his speech. He claimed that Russian troops were successful in Ukraine and that the army did not send conscripts to the front.

    Since February 24, Russia has been carrying out an invasion of Ukraine, which is successfully repulsed by the defenders. The Russians will suffer a great loss of life and equipment without achieving their strategic objectives, including the conquest of major cities, led by the capital Kyiv.


    In his speech, Putin declared that “Russia had to defend the Russian-speaking inhabitants of eastern Ukraine and its interests,” and that Ukraine posed “absolutely real threats” to Russia.


    He threatened Ukraine that “if the current government in Kyiv continues to act in this way, it will question the future of Ukrainian statehood.”


    Moreover, the Russian president argued that the army has achieved most strategic objectives and does not send conscripts to the front, although such voices already come from Russia.


    The Kremlin leader also declared that “sanctions imposed on Russia by many countries in the world are akin to a declaration of war.”


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