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    Millions of Russians may have seen Putin’s crimes. Several TV stations were hacked!

    Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Russians are bothered by hackers. There have already been failures in banks or ticket systems. Today, Russian TV and streaming services reported on Vladimir Putin’s criminal activities.

    The hacker collective Anonymous is officially in a cyberwar with Russia, activists from Anonymous announced on Twitter. Since the beginning of the war, there have been no Russian websites in Ukraine, including Russia Today. Hackers have spectacular successes. They intercepted Russian military communications systems. They also attacked the websites of TASS and pro-Kremlin media. When Aleksandr Lukashenko did not listen to the group Anonymous and continued to support Putin, there were also a series of cyberattacks in Belarus. One of them paralyzed… the sale of tickets for trains.


    Later, the control centre of the Russian space agency Roskosmos lost control of its spy satellites due to a hacking attack by a group affiliated with Anonymous. Finally, access to the website of the Russian Federal Security Service was blocked yesterday.


    As it turns out, it’s not over. On Sunday, several TV stations (including Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24) broadcast the effects of the Russian bombing of civilians in Ukraine. A similar situation occurred with one of Russia’s most popular streaming services.




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