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    It’s time to “de-Russify” the Polish economy

    “We are introducing an “anti-Putin shield” to combat inflation but also lead to the liberalisation of the Polish economy, so to “de-Russify” our economy,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Friday (March 18). In the first part of the shield, the government aims to lower high food prices and make investments that will make Poland independent of raw materials from Russia.

    During a press conference, the head of government announced that he would support businesses and the economy and protect them from the consequences of the war in Ukraine.


    “The war that Putin has started is a horror for Ukraine and its people. Moreover, this war is also causing enormous economic problems. This is the time when our government decided to implement the “anti-Putin shield”. We call it like that because there are so many problems triggered by Putin’s war,” stressed the Polish Prime Minister.


    The Prime Minister added that in this fight, the government would try to counter inflation. In addition, the government will also focus on issues related to jobs, with the support of companies that have previously been active in the Russian market. 


    “We will deal with de-Russification of the Polish and European economies,” Morawiecki said.


    The first element of the shield is to lower the food prices. Then, the head of government assessed that “Vladimir Putin has completely broken the normal rules of economics.” 


    “The extortion of natural gas, the use of raw materials as part of the price war and the war in Ukraine is a measure that we have to confront on many fronts,” he said.

    “That is why, apart from what I said, we need to think a few steps ahead. That is why we have already created a real space for gas independence in Poland this year – the Baltic Sea Pipeline and the LNG terminal in Świnoujście (…) This is our investment in energy security,” he marked.

    “The time for major investments in Poland’s energy sovereignty is ahead (…) We are starting a complete liberalization, so de-Russification of the Polish and European economies,” he concluded. 

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