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    The journalist stabbed in Chorzów

    The police found the body of a man near the Silesian Park in Chorzów. The perpetrator stabbed him many times. On the spot, officers of the Police Headquarters of the Voivodeship Police in Katowice conducted a visual inspection and secured the scene of the crime.

    Two young people were approached by an unknown man who attacked a 29-year-old passenger and stabbed him at least a dozen times, causing severe injuries. The woman, who was the driver of the car, drove away in the car to get help”, said the District Attorney in Chorzów, Cezary Golik.


    After the attack on the man, the woman took the injured man to the hospital. According to the prosecutor’s office, several pieces of evidence were secured at the scene of the crime. He also confirmed that the man was a journalist. An autopsy will be performed in the next few days.


    Two young people were inhabitants of the Silesian Voivodeship. The D.A. said that the area of the personal and professional life of the two residents is being thoroughly analyzed.


    “We believe that in these two areas there is information that can lead us to the perpetrator of the incident”, the D.A. said.


    According to unofficial information, the crime may have been motivated by love. The D.A. didn’t rule out the possibility that it might be a love affair. He admitted that the investigators would consider “the area of the personal and professional life of the passenger and driver.”


    In this case, one person has already been arrested, although, according to the prosecutor, the arrested person may only be indirectly involved in the crime. The perpetrator is still wanted.


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