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    Czas Przedsiębiorców vol. 9 (Time of Entrepreneurs Vol. 9). The economy after the pandemic and during the war in Ukraine

    Republika TV invites you to a series of programs dedicated to the economy. Starting next Monday, mini-debates with experts in the respective field will be broadcast. They will be broadcast until Thursday at 10:35 PM. The main debate will take place on Friday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (live).

    How to take advantage of the potential of companies operating in Poland, how to protect themselves from external factors that hinder smooth management. These and other issues will be discussed by practitioners and those involved in the legislative process.


    Every day from Monday to Thursday, the 18-minute blocks deal with issues that are important for the functioning of the country and the majority of citizens.


    The programme is moderated by Krystian Kaźmierczyk, business journalist of the Republika TV, who was awarded the Władysław Grabski Prize for the programme “Krajowy Plan Odbudowy – Biznes Polska” Episode 220-. The prize was awarded for the treatment of a topic of central importance for the development of the Polish economy, as well as for the presentation with the participation of experts representing different points of view.



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