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    He shouted the truth in Lavrov’s face! Andrzej Melak about his brother in the “Interview with the Hooligan”

    “That was one of Radosław Sikorski’s worst roqueries. Just a month after the Russian attack on Georgia, he wined and dined Sergey Lavrov in Warsaw. By the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the police pushed back demonstrators in solidarity with Georgia, but they made a mistake. Stefan Melak, chairman of the Katyn Committee, wore a suit and was accepted by them as a member of the… Government delegation. Then, Melak went up to Lavrov and shouted in his face, “Svobodnaya Gruzia! (Free Georgia! – editor’s note).” Confused, reddened, Radosław Sikorski said: “Mr Stefan, you are incorrigible!” And he began to explain to Lavrov the situation in a nervous manner. “He has never worn a suit or tie. But the cover was for a good cause. He cried out what was in his heart,” said Andrzej Melak, the brother of Stefan, who died in Smolensk, in the “Interview with the Hooligan.” Check out the interview in Polish below [WATCH the VIDEO below].

    A month after the attack on Georgia, in which thousands of Georgians were killed, the media reported leaks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the abominable feast of Lavrov and Sikorski with roasted duck and Masurian trout. Stefan Melak was one of those who could not accept this.


    “Stefan was a person who saw very far away what was yet to happen. He was a good analyst. He cried out what was in his heart: Svobodnaya Georgia! His message can be repeated today: Swobodnaya Georgia, Swobodnaya Ukraine, Swobodnaya Poland. And all the countries that once belonged to the Soviet empire,” said Andrzej Melak in the “Interview with the Hooligan.”


    In his view, his brother’s message is particularly relevant today:


    “Because they want to be reunited with a friendly hand under the two-headed Moscow eagle, under the criminal leadership of Putin and his horde.”


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