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    Mixed ‘Harnaś’ with ice tea from a viral Polish song, produced by a well-known Polish brewery [MUSIC VIDEO]

    In the ‘Żabka’ (Frog) store chain, you can buy the new ‘Harnaś LodoHerbata’ beer. The company was inspired by a Polish music hit about the drink that has already been heard by over 30 million YouTube viewers. How much does it cost and is it worth a try? We will check it for you!

    Almost six months ago, the ‘Gawryle’ music group uploaded their latest song along with a music video to YouTube. The song is called “Harnaś Ice Tea.” In a short time, it went viral. The single currently has 30,763,326 views!
    In their song, the ‘Gawryle’ talk about what makes the mix of ‘Harnold’ (Colloquial reference to the ‘Harnaś’ beer brand – editor’s note) with the ice tea a miracle! However, they emphasise that, of course, proportion plays an important role. Harnaś with the Lipton Ice Tea (or whatever ice tea we have) must be mixed fifty-fifty! Here is the translated chorus of the song:


    In my little metal beer mug,

    a shandy that is on point,

    damn, bro what a combo, 

    pouring ‘Harnold’ from a can,


    with ice tea that is flinty, 

    lying on the pier, having the palate

    slowly tickled with suds there. 

    No one would have expected this song to become viral and inspire the company to release the peach-flavoured beer “Harnaś LodoTee”! Depending on the store, it can cost about PLN 4. It is worth trying!



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