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    Peregrine falcon chick hatches in the MEC Koszalin municipal heat distribution (LIVE STREAM)

    The MEC Koszalin municipal heat distribution gives a home to wild peregrine falcons, one of the rarest species in Poland. The nest for birds has been on the chimney in Koszalin for almost 20 years.

    Such nests are created also in other heating plant’s chimneys in Poland, for example in 130 metres chimney in Valbrich. 

    There are 4 eggs in the nest and 2 chicks have already hatched on the long May weekend. The proud parents – Cieplik (male) from Poznan, and Nila (female) from Koszalin are in good health.


    According to experts from the Włocławek Association for Wild Animals “Falcon” that take care of the falcons in MEC, it is a real phenomenon that Cieplik has offspring as a one-year-old male.



    Check the live stream of the nest here –>


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