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    Krystian Ochman qualified for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest! [VIDEO]

    Ochman’s performance was truly amazing! Spectacular lighting effects and nice watery graphics!

    Krystian wore an elegant black suit with navy blue scraps on the sides of the jacket. In addition, four dancers appeared with veiled faces and dark outfits reminiscent of demons and mysterious ghosts. 


    Poland’s appearance at the Eurovision 2022 took place in a dark atmosphere, enhanced by dark colours, an effective play of light and dynamic camera work. The visualizations include the forest and the face of the Polish representative. That looks great!


    “Who needs Andrea Bocelli when you’ve got Ochman!,” we can read on the official Eurovision Twitter account. 


    Audiences watched 18 songs compete for one of 10 slots in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. And now we know the second Semi-Final qualifiers. 



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