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    Poland to apply for recovery funds in July

    Poland will formally apply to the European Commission for the payout of the EU’s post-pandemic recovery funds in July, the development and technology minister has said.

    Waldemar Buda, who was responsible for the talks with the EU, told PAP last Friday that an agreement had been reached with the European Commission in the negotiations over Poland’s National Recovery Plan (KPO).

    “In July, we are submitting an application (for the allocation of money under the KPO – PAP),” Buda told a public TV station on Tuesday. 

    He added that this year, Poland can count on EUR 2.8 billion in grants and EUR 1.3 billion in loans.

    Buda also said that the funds will be allocated to renewable energy sources, including offshore in the Baltic Sea, towards places in kindergartens, the expansion of internet access in Poland and railway infrastructure projects.

    Poland is asking the KPO for a total of EUR 23.9 billion in EU recovery grants and EUR 11.5 billion in loans. 

    The EU funds had been withheld by the EC due to concerns over changes to the Polish judicial system, some of which were seen by Brussels as undermining the European rule of law values.

    Poland has agreed to shut down the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, which has been at the centre of the dispute with the EC.


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