Polish MoD advocates for more Ukraine funding from the EU

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Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish defence minister, said at a meeting with his EU peers in Brussels on Tuesday that the EU should channel more funding for Ukraine’s defence against Russian aggression.

“In my opinion, which is shared by other countries too, raising the amount (of Ukraine aid) to EUR 2 billion is definitely not enough,” Blaszczak told reporters after the meeting.


The defence minister was referring to a recent EU decision to raise the fund for purchasing weapons for Ukraine.

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According to Blaszczak, Poland’s contribution to the fund has already exceeded EUR 1 billion, while initially the money was designed to serve other purposes, such as EU missions.


The minister also advocated for increasing the funding of a military mobility programme that involves the expansion of transport infrastructure, including railways and airports.


Referring to the coordination of EU and NATO military projects, Blaszczak spoke against setting up separate EU military headquarters and supported using Nato command centres instead.

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