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    Retail tax reform stalled?

    Polish govt. wants to curb tax evasion by multinational retailers. Since 2016 European Commission is researching project of Polish law and now sait it will do so untill 2019.

    The European Commission will prevent the Polish government from implementing a new piece of retail tax legislation for another year. One of the main election promises made by the ruling Law & Justice Party ahead of the previous parliamentary elections in 2015 was to introduce a new tax on retail stores, who until now had been evading paying tax in Poland through tax planning schemes. The new tax law was passed in 2016 by the parliament and subsequently signed by the President but was never implemented. This was because European Commission had doubts about whether the introduction of a progressive tax system could be done in accordance with EU regulations. The European Commission is still investigating the issue and has therefore prolonged the frozen status of the Polish retail tax law until the end of 2019


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