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    The iconic Zabka hot dog served by… a robot [VIDEO]

    Zabka Nano, one of the newest concepts of the Zabka chain, has just been enriched with another innovative solution – the Robbie robot, which will serve the customers with hot-dogs. The first such robot has recently been operating in Zabka Nano at Dobra Street 54 in Warsaw. It prepares hot-dogs in three simple steps, according to the customer’s order. The device was created in cooperation between Zabka and VeloxAlpha S.A.

    Zabka Nano, an innovative concept by Zabka that changes and shapes the perception of consumer experience, launched in June 2021. The launch of the first shop in Poznan gave rise to what is currently the largest chain of autonomous shops in Europe. So far, a total of 44 Zabka Nano outlets have been opened in Poznan, Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw and Gdansk. Zabka Future, responsible for the Zabka Nano concept, is constantly looking for new solutions to improve the shopping experience of customers of autonomous shops. One such solution is a robot that serves hot food. The first Robbie robot has been installed in an autonomous shop in Warsaw at Dobra Street 54. Thanks to this, customers, in addition to fast shopping without a queue or hot freshly brewed coffee from an espresso machine, can now also order a hot dog.


    “Hot dogs are a cult hot snack from Zabka. Hence the idea to make them available also in our unmanned outlets. In cooperation with the VeloxAlpha S.A. team, we created the Robbie robot that automatically and hygienically prepares Nano hot dogs with their favourite toppings for Zabka customers. It is the first device of this type on the market. We are happy that Zabka Nano is blazing new trails, offering customers the latest solutions on the market,” says Pawel Grabowski, the head of impersonal solutions at Zabka Polska.


    Zabka Nano shops attract customers with their modern appearance – they are small but visually spacious; they look clean, elegant and neat, and the display looks very inviting. Customers find Zabka Nano an ideal place to grab a cup of their favourite coffee on the way to work and to do some quick shopping in the evening after work or during a trip. The Robbie robot perfectly fits in with the concept and complements its offer – the device has a futuristic look and was created especially for the Zabka Nano concept based on artificial intelligence solutions. The robot weighs 1500 kg and is over 2.5 m high and over 2 m wide.


    The VeloxAlpha S.A. company, which carried out this pioneering project for Zabka, is responsible for the design and software of the Robbie robot. A total of 12 people worked conceptually on its creation – 6 on the construction and 6 on the software. The solution created by them makes life easier for customers, works 24/7, and is easy and intuitive to use. Innovation plays a key role here – providing the appeal that a quick, contactless meal offers.


    “The main impetus for the creation of our product was the currency that people use nowadays – time. Our products should make life easier, be user-friendly and available 24/7, for everyone. Technology plays a key role as it guarantees quality, increases the safety of food preparation and ensures constant availability,” Lukasz Drewnowski, CEO & CoFounder at VeloxAlpha S.A.


    How to order a hot dog? 


    The customer enters the shop using the Zappka app, smartwatch, bank card or Apple Pay or Google Pay app, walks up to the screen at the machine and places an order in three steps – selects the size of the hot dog, type of wiener and sauce. Then, s/he confirms the order. The customer can track the status of their order on the screen at the top of the robot. The finished hot dog is available for collection for 40 seconds. The customer is informed by a message on the horizontal screen at the top of the robot and by a voice message. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows products from the ‘hotdogomat’ to be added to the customer’s bill.


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