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    Tadeusz Golebiewski, the founder of the hotel chain, passed away

    Tadeusz Golębiewski, the founder of a hotel chain and a confectionery factory, has died. He died on Tuesday,” said Agnieszka Gawinska, responsible for media relations at TAGO.

    “Yes, I confirm this information,” Gawinska replied to a question about the death of entrepreneur Tadeusz Golebiewski.

    “Today information will be published on the websites of the hotels and the TAGO company. I am only authorised to pass on the information that Tadeusz Golebiewski died yesterday,” – she added.

    Tadeusz Golębiewski was the founder of a chain of luxury hotels in Poland and the TAGO sweets factory in Radzymin. He was 79 years old.



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