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    Katarzyna Gójska: “The Netherlands is a testing ground”

    “The Netherlands today is such a testing ground where different ideas are being tested. We are seeing this now. The Dutch themselves say that ‘first they deal with us, and then they will come for the Polish farmers,” Katarzyna Gójska (TV Republika) said on TVP Info. She thus commented on the many thousands of protests by Dutch farmers, whom the government there wants to deprive to a large extent of their farms, in the name of combating greenhouse gas emissions.

    Mass protests by farmers are underway in the Netherlands, against which the government there has deployed police. Tens of thousands of people are turning up at demonstrations against government ideas. Protests against the government’s plans to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions continue in the Netherlands. Farmers have been blocking motorways and local roads in many parts of the country for days. Since Monday, distribution centres of some commercial chains have been blocked. The organisers have announced that the protest will continue and will be extended to include blocking access to airports. The government explains explicitly that ‘there is no future for all Dutch farmers under the presented approach’.


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    “What we have at the moment is another phase of putting ideological concepts into practice and thus clashing these concepts with life. They are simply completely out of imagination. I think that these scenes that we are seeing in the Netherlands at the moment will be repeated in other places,” Katarzyna Gójska, editor-in-chief of the ‘Nowe Państwo’ (English: New State), assessed on TVP Info.


    The Dutch government currently wants to reduce food production in its country by 30 per cent and base local consumption on imports from other countries. Meanwhile, global organisations are warning that many countries could run out of food due to the war in Ukraine. 


    “We have a food crisis, an energy crisis. Everyone is trying to have independence, and here we have completely different actions,” the interviewer stressed.


    “When crazy concepts come to the fore and are implemented crazily, we have situations like this. At the moment, the number one topic is the real threat of a food crisis in the world, through the fact that Russia is blocking Ukrainian grain exports. Another topic is the potential migration crisis, triggered by this first crisis. We are also facing an energy crisis. Please note, in the case of the food crisis, the response of the Dutch government is: ‘well, let’s produce less food.’ In the case of the energy crisis, the response, no longer just of the Netherlands but of the European Union, is: ‘then let’s add another energy problem.’ (…) These situations only increase the crises, not reduce them,” Gójska said.


    In her view, these ideas are completely detached from reality and are “a denial of good governance”.


    “Good governance should be about meeting the needs of the state, bridging possible perturbations, crises and threats, about ensuring the security of citizens in every respect. Here we are not dealing with any kind of security, here we are dealing with the destruction of this security, with the complication and destruction of the lives of various social groups. There is no doubt in my mind that the Netherlands is today a testing ground for various ideas. We are seeing this now. After all, the Dutch themselves say that ‘they are looking after us first, and then they will come for, for example, the Polish farmers.’ If we listen to all sorts of debates in the European Parliament, I don’t think anyone doubts that these ideas are simple concepts to be implemented throughout the European Union, and preferably by force, as no one in their right mind would want to implement them,” she concluded.


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