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    [UPDATE] A walrus from unguarded beach in Mielno died

    An unusual visitor spotted by beachgoers at an unguarded beach in Mielno continues its journey and has been seen in Kotka, a city in the southern part of the Kymenlaakso province on the Gulf of Finland. According to STT uutiset on Twitter, the famous walrus left the shore, covered several dozen meters, knocked over the beater, and then lay down on the lawn on the private property. A fire brigade appeared on the spot. The Fire Marshal on duty informed that the walrus slept in the yard until late afternoon and seemed to be in good health.

    The walrus that went around Kymenlaakso was transported from Kotka to Helsinki on Tuesday evening at ten o’clock. The animal was first put to sleep at seven o’clock, when it could be examined in more detail.
    The Director of animal care and protection at Korkeasaari Zoo, Nina Trontti, told STT that the walrus will be transported from Kotka on an animal transport truck to the Korkeasaari Wildlife Hospital.

    It is probably the same individual that has been observed in various parts of the Baltic Sea in recent weeks. Check the previous article about this famous animal here.

    It is a very rare visitor to the Baltic Sea, but there have been many sightings of the animal in recent days. At the weekend, the walrus swam into a fishnet and overturned the fisherman’s boat. The Gulf of Finland Coast Guard rescued the fisherman, who survived the situation unscathed. 

    The walrus wandered from the coast of Norway, through the waters of Denmark, and then Poland and Latvia. 


    Unfortunately, according to STT, the walrus did not make it to the hospital and died during the transport.


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