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    Polish Medical Air Rescue presents the air ambulance Piaggio P180 Avanti

    The first successful flights to save human life were carried out in Poland after World War I with the use of planes belonging to the military forces and aeroclubs. Today, Polish Medical Air Rescue presents the air ambulance Piaggio P180 Avanti on its official Facebook webpage. In the video, we can see the inside of the machine and listen about its capabilities.

    In 2000, the Minister of Health, Franciszka Cegielska, created the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS). Central Medical Aviation Team was dissolved, and in its place Polish Medical Air Rescue was created in 12 May 2000. Now it’s an uniform structure, financed by the Ministry of Health. In every HEMS base there were hired pilots, doctors, nurses and paramedics. Mi-2 helicopters were equipped with a proper medical equipment and necessary medicine. Today, Polish Medical Air Rescue consists of 21 regional HEMS bases, 1 seasonal HEMS base and 1 EMS transport team. (read more on )

    Today, the high standards for medical emergency results in 3 minutes operational readiness and the number of emergency flights is getting bigger and bigger. Now, the helicopter teams conduct over 8 000 missions yearly and 70% of them are HEMS flights. This special kind of missions are usually connected with the phrase “a golden hour” which described the time in which a HEMS team is able to transport patients to the nearest hospital.

    Emergency Medical Service in Poland is on call 24/7 and features two aircrafts Piaggio P180 Avanti and two Learjets. The crew consists of: 2 pilots, a doctor and a paramedic or a nurse. It carries out domestic and foreign flights and provides services in the form of medical rescue operations and medical air transport. aircraft Piaggio P180 Avanti

    After receiving the call, the aircraft’s crew has only 30 minutes to prepare the air ambulance and themself for the flight. The cabin includes a special equipment to monitor vital signs, incubator to transport newborns, 4 infusion pumps, ventilator and much more.

    Check the original video presenting Piaggio P180 Avanti on Facebook below:



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