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    The rescued blackbird helps to feed younger birds [VIDEO]

    One of the blackbird’s fledglings, as soon as it learned to eat on its own, decided to help us feed the still-dependent fledglings it was staying with, reported naturalists at the “Mysikrólik” wildlife rehabilitation centre in Bielsko-Biała on Monday.

    “The volunteer blackbird was demanding food on its own from the keepers at Mysikrólik until a week ago. Now, to their great surprise, it has started feeding the younger birds. We have never observed such a case before,” the keepers wrote on social media.


    “The little helper has a damaged wing, so he will most likely stay at the Mysikrólik. We plan to employ him full-time,” joked the naturalists in their post.


    The Mysikrólik centre is one of the few in Poland that helps sick or injured wild animals. Its founders are Bielsko-Biała residents Agnieszka and Sławomir Łyczek.




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