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    Szymon Hołownia officially announced his candidacy in the Polish presidential elections

    Yesterday, Szymon Hołownia officially announced his candidacy in the Polish presidential elections. Despite the fact that he’s not taken seriously by many people, politicians are wondering how many votes can he take from other candidates.

     ”I think it’s good that many different people want to run in the presidential elections. But I’m not sure if he’s going to play a key role. We don’t know his views, so I think this can turn into chaos”- says Wanda Nowicka, The Left.

    There are many questions surrounding the candidacy of Hołownia, for example the financial source of this campaign. 

    Who will financially support his campaign – this is a very interesting question, because everything depends on the amount of money. But will he get many votes? We’ll see in the future”- says The Polish People’s party.

    According to Paweł Sałek from the Chancellery of the President of Poland, President Andrzej Duda has respect for all the candidates.

     ”Mr. Szymon Hołownia is known for his activity in the media, but we don’t know anything about him when it comes to politics. We’re going to find out more after the convention. The next few days will show what he has to offer”- says Paweł Sałek, chancellery of the President of Poland.

    According to Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition, everything depends on the amount of money needed to run the campaign. 

     ”As the Americans say: the amount of money you have determines a good or bad campaign. However, a good campaign depends not only on the amount of money. You also have to have a good way to lead it. As we’ve witnessed in the past, President Duda’s campaign was led in a good way and that guaranteed his success” – says Dariusz Joński, The Civic Coalition.

    Szymon Hołownia is known, among others, for speaking about his faith in God publicly.

     ”He’s a candidate that we can’t ignore for sure. He can take some votes from President Duda, but I don’t think that it would be enough”- says dominika Figurska, The Law and Justice party.

    The Polish presidential elections are due to take place in 2020. The exact date is yet unknown, but they will most likely take place in May. 


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