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    45th edition of Kurpie Honey Harvest

    Increased state support for beekeepers was announced by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Henryk Kowalczyk, during the 45th Kurpiowski Honey Harvest, which took place last Sunday in Myszyniec, in the Ostrołęka poviat.

    “Beekeeping is a very important field, even flagship when it comes to maintaining the natural environment. Therefore, we will also offer beekeepers better support conditions than before. For the next year, we plan to increase the subsidies for beekeeping so that the beekeepers’ mission will be carried out and expanded. We need more and more people to deal with beekeeping.”, The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture announced.

    According to tradition, the Honey Harvest celebrations began with the Holy Mass in the Basilica in Myszyniec. Then the participants moved to the nearby town of Wydmusy. The hot weather and attractions provided by the organizers attracted crowds. There were stands with folk handicrafts and local food, including various types of honey.

    The program of the event also included the folklore show “Sleep the Kurp*, sleep” performed by the folk group “Kurpiowszczyzna” from Myszyniec. In his speech, Deputy Prime Minister Henryk Kowalczyk emphasized the importance of Honey Harvest for the maintenance and development of the cultural heritage of the region.

    “Kurpie Honey Harvest is not only beekeeping, not only agriculture, but also cultural heritage. Here in Myszyniec, we can see how the Kurpie culture, tradition, and attachment to values ​​are extremely important. I wish the Kurpie culture and folk culture will develop throughout Poland”, the Deputy Prime Minister said. 

    Also, Kowalczyk became a member of the Brotherhood of Bartne during the 45th Kurpiowski Honey Harvest.

    “We will continue supporting farmers. The farmers who, in this difficult time, have shown us how much we can count on them to be sure of food security. It is thanks to farmers that there is no shortage of food in Poland. Also, we are still an important exporter of food, although we have millions of people to feed, including several million war refugees from Ukraine”, he added.

    *Editorial note: a Kurp means someone proud of tradition, a representative of a people who have always enjoyed freedom.

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