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    Campaign to prevent breast cancer and promote wearing a proper-fitting bra

    The “I TOUCH=I WIN” (Polish: “Dotykam=Wygrywam”) campaign to prevent breast cancer and promote wearing a proper-fitting bra was inaugurated on September 20 at the Hotel Double Tree by Hilton in Warsaw. Breast cancer in Poland ranks first among malignant neoplasms in women. The data from National Cancer Registry (Poland) show that it accounts for as much as 25% of all diagnosed cancer cases. In 2020, the disease was diagnosed in 24,644 women, out of whom 8,805 died.

    This year, the organizers ask women a question – how did they forget about their breasts, despite the fact that in Poland breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm in women? It accounts for 22.2% of all cancers and in the group between 20 and 44 years old, it is the most dangerous in terms of both morbidity and mortality. How is it that they succumb to the pressure of the constant evaluation by others? Instead of keeping breasts healthy, women worry about someone thinking they are too small or too big, exposed too much or too little.

    The eleventh edition of the campaign symbolically starts a new decade in the perception of women’s breasts by women themselves. The breasts are not public property or the determinant of a woman’s “look or not.” The campaign’s goal is to teach women how comprehensively care for their breasts by carrying out regular self-examination and wearing well-fitting bras, and giving poorly selected bras for recycling.

    This nationwide initiative, involving the community of women on many levels, has an indisputably significant character and purpose, but also an interesting formula. Every year, it reminds women about breast self-examination, offering bricks (this year created by the Organique and Bandi companies) and every year encourage them to get rid of the old and unfitting bras, which thanks to the Wtórpol company gets a new life. In this way; its former owner receives a discount for a new, perfectly fitted bra; and the income from this real recycling goes to the accounts of entities promoting the idea of fighting breast cancer.

    Do not forget about your breast.


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