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    Who is responsible for failure in Warsaw

    A government spokesman, Piotr Muller, said on radio one, that the president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, will need help to deal with failure at a city heating plant which has left several areas of the city without heat. He also said that this is a common problem in Warsaw.

     ”The company in question was privatized, I don’t know why. It’s easy to say now that the privatised company failed. It’s easy to blame the private company. Several thousand people in Warsaw don’t have heat. Streets are blocked. It’s a typical evasion of responsibility
    Is it possible to change it back?
    The decision is on the president, Rafal Trzaskowski’s, side; after a few years of Platforma Obywatelska rule with we decided to buy PKO SA bank, because some of the banks and companies are really important for our national safety”- says Piotr Muller, spokesman for the Government of Poland.



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