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    Wild Run 2022 – Saving Asia's Animals. A record-breaking sum was raised

    The Wild Run 2022 was held for the sixth time. This year’s slogan was “Let’s save the animals of Asia.” This year, more than 1,100 people registered for the run and joined the charity run on October 9, 2022. Thanks to the support of sponsors and the contributions of the runners, approximately PLN 82,000 was raised. It will be donated to the protection of endangered animal species in Asia!

    The event started at 3:45 PM with a 100-metre run for the youngest. Later, the youngsters ran at a distance of 1 km and the main run took place at a distance of 10 km. 


    On the official Wild Run event page, you can see that some people took part in the event dressed as animals, so you could see a giraffe, an elephant, or even a fox or even at the finish line. 


    The event also included a charity collection for endangered animal species in Asia. According to Zoo Wrocław, a record-breaking sum of PLN 82,000 was collected this year. 



    All profits from package sales and sponsorship deals reached a record PLN 82 000 and will be donated to saving Asian animal species. The Zoo Wroclaw – DODO Foundation is running 19 conservation projects in Asia, which will receive additional support thanks to this. The zoo announced on its website that it will support, among others, the conservation of Indian elephants on the island of Borneo, the breeding and protection of the Palawan hornbill in the Philippines and the protection and rehabilitation of the Sunda slow loris in Sumatra.


    The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Wrocław Jacek Sutryk, while the co-organisers were the Zoo Wroclaw DODO Foundation, the Zoo Wroclaw company and the Pro-run Wrocław Association.  

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