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    Putin changed the law – now murderers and drug dealers can be conscripted

    The conscription of citizens with a valid criminal record for committing serious crimes of the Criminal Core to the Russian forces is now legal. According to RIA Novosti (Russian: РИА Новости), Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing the mobilisation of people who have committed serious crimes into the Russian army.

    However, the new law still excludes the criminals who are convicted of child sex abuse, treason, spying or terrorism.

    Apart from the change of law that results in the amended legislation on calling up reservists to include men convicted of serious crimes who recently left prison, Putin has announced that the number of servicemen mobilised recently in the Russian Federation has reached 318,000 people, despite the previously announced limit of 300,000.

    Ukrainska Pravda reports: 

    Quote from Putin: “We already have 318,000 (people mobilised – ed.). Why 318,000? Because volunteers are coming. The number of volunteers is not decreasing”.

     The soldiers are motivated by the Russian Federation with money:

    One cannot forget that the report delivered by the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine indicates “horrific allegations of sexual violence against Ukrainian communities – including children.”

    “The Commission investigated cases of sexual gender-based violence. It documented cases in which some Russian Federation soldiers made such crime,” said Commissioner Jasminka Džumhur.

    More details are available here.

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