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    Free medicines for pregnant women

    Guaranteeing pregnant women free access to the medecines they use most often – this is the main premise of the bill adopted by the government. The list of medicines will be included in the reimbursement notice of the Minister of Health.

    The proposed provisions are to allow access to free medicines for all pregnant women from the moment it is found. Prescriptions for medicines covered by the program will be available to gynecologists or midwives who have diagnosed pregnancy, as well as other doctors or midwives – based on a certificate issued by a person confirming pregnancy. The Ministry of Health, which prepared the project, estimates that about 400,000 pregnant women will have access to free medicines every year. The Act will come into force on July 1, 2020. The list of free medicines will be published in the first list of reimbursed medicines after the Act enters into force.




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