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    Christmas meeting in the Polish parliament

    Yesterday , a Christmas meeting for MPs took place in the Polish parliament, with the participation of Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz as well as speakers and deputy speaker of both the lower and upper house of the parliament. The event took place despite the fact that a part of the left-wing opposition wanted to follow in the footsteps of Warsaw City Hall which cancelled their Christmas meeting, motivating it with the argument that the Church and the state should be separate.

    The Warsaw metropolitan, Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz directed his words to the Parliamentarians today. He reminded the figure of the Polish prelate, Stefan Wyszyński due to the upcoming beatification of the cardinal.

     ”All of you are more than welcome to this patriotic event. I wish you all God’s peace both here at work in the Parliament, but also at home, in your families”- says Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz, Warsaw Metropolitan.

    Traditionally, Marshals and Deputy Marshals of both the Senate and the Sejm participated in the Christmas meeting.

     ”I know that we have different views here, but there’s one thing that unites us – care for the well-being of our country”- says Elżbieta Witek, Marshal of The Sejm.

     ”I wish all of you to be prudent and calm, because these are the things that we sometimes forget. We sometimes argue for no reason, so I wish all of us to be more calm”- says Tomasz Grodzki, Marshal of The Senate.

    The Christmas meeting took place less than 2 hours before the emotional debate regarding the amendment to the judicial reform. That is why the main wish of MPs was prudence and calmness during the public debate.

     ”It’s very nice now, but it can change anytime. We have to be focused on our goal and that is to fix the system. The most important thing is to have a respect for one another. We have to respect each other and know how to talk to each other”- says Dominika Chorosińska, The Law and Justice party.

    Opposition MPs said that they wish their colleagues from the  ruling  Law and Justice the ability to enter into dialogue and respect its opponents. 

     ”The Christmas season is all about reflecting on various issues. State matters are extremely important and they require serious thinking. That is what everyone needs during Christmas”- says Mirosław Suchoń, The Civic Coalition.

     ”I’m a new MP and this new position requires a change in my lifestyle. There are many new MPs in this term of office, so I think everyone needs to spend this Christmas time with our families, but also to communicate with each other”- says Artur Dziambor, The Confederation.

     ”Most of all, I wish you all the ability to listen and to respect the other person’s views often different than ours”- says Marcin Kierwiński, The Civic Coalition.


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